Steve Faulkner


Thank you so much for a great session with our second line leaders on their leadership programme this week. They got loads out of it and were surprised by how many ‘lesson’s from the programme were reinforced through the session. Specifically these were: storytelling, paradoxical thinking, change, focus (what are you missing?), change and transition, being authentic and coaching people through their limiting beliefs. The session was fun and informative – and we loved the way you encouraged us to ‘play’ and feel safe! You built rapport superbly well with the group.

Sharon Piron-BT Openreach

I’m proud to say that Steve Faulkner Ltd is now an ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Centre. This means that my ILM programmes have been rigorously checked for quality content and delivery and, as well as my sorter programmes and coaching, I can provide Level 3 and level 5 qualifications in Leadership and Management. Please get in touch to find out more.

One of the programmes on which I facilitate, with over 2000 participants so far, is the Integral Leadership programme. This continues to change the lives of individuals and improve the performance and culture of organisations.

This course is currently running in-house on long-term contracts with Immediate Media, JN Bentley and Sheffield City Council, but for the first time, it’s available for a limited number of individuals as a six day (one per month), one-to-one coaching programme. This is already proving hugely beneficial for those already on the programme, and is a rare opportunity to receive my complete focus, as I take you through your own developmental journey. I can only run 2 of these at any one time, so please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to know more.

This was the course that started it all for me and completely changed my life, so I feel honoured to be able to help others in the same way.


Integral leadership is a highly successful self-development programme providing practical processes, which can be used immediately to enhance individual and team performance. It is currently running with three major organisations (Immediate Media, Sheffield City Council and JN Bentley/Mott Macdonald) on an ongoing contract. Though the full Integral Leadership programme runs for ten days (usually two days per month), there are limited number of spaces for individuals to be coached, one-to-one through the programme.


The programme has been continually enhanced since it’s launch in 2000, and since then over 2000 participants have taken part. It was initially presented as an open programme with participants from a range sectors, including national and local government, non-profit, NHS, retail/commercial business and civil engineering.


The main focus of the programme is to enhance communication, emotional intelligence and team dynamics, with the understanding that these qualities will already be apparent in the delegates and within the organisation. The delegates will be building on existing foundations to specifically become more effective in the following areas

  • Understanding yourself at a deeper lever
  • Understanding others.
  • Relating to others.
  • Building self-confidence
  • Coaching skills
  • Planning and preparation
  • Analysis and problem solving
  • Meetings – Presentations
  • Creativity – Relationships
  • Networking
  • Outcome Setting
  • Team Dynamics

Integral leadership is a highly interactive programme and though the material is powerful and much of the time, life-changing, the aim of each session is to ensure the delegates have an enjoyable and rewarding experience and that they learn concepts and processes that are relevant to their work and their lives. The whole 10 day course is run 2 days per month but can be adapted for your needs.


One facilitator can provide shorter programmes. However, both will present the full ten days for larger groups.

Steve Faulkner

Steve’s unlikely journey to leadership training began many years ago as a professional Street Performer in London’s Covent Garden. Through the study of rapport and communication, Steve became one of the world’s most successful Street Performers winning international awards. He then became a freelance magician, winning the International close-up magic championship and gaining an award at the Magic Circle close-up magician of the year. Steve is now regarded as one of the world’s top sleight-of hand artists. After becoming director of Steve Faulkner Ltd, Steve began studying leadership and communications, enrolled on the Integral Leadership course and soon became part of the team, providing talks on communication and achievement sometimes using magic to provide evidence of the concepts he presented. These talks were presented to companies around the UK, including a TEDx talk, and in 2012 he was asked to join the Integral Leadership team full time.

Peter McNab

Peter McNab is an INLPTA Master Trainer and Founder Member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute and has run over fifty NLP Practitioner programmes and over twenty-five NLP Master Practitioner programmes. He has also taken “Integral NLP” into organizations as varied as the National Health Service, various Police forces, the Fire and Rescue Service, BT, Boots, & Proctor and Gamble. He has worked on four continents in over twenty countries. He is a visiting lecturer at the Business Schools of Johannesburg, Sheffield, and Stellenbosch. He is the author of “Towards An Integral Vision”, and the App, “NLP Models”. Peter is one of the founder members of the Integral Leadership team.

If you would like to discuss the course, or any of the training or talks Steve can provide, please call on +44 (0)7786 323 127 or email Steve.